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Deep in the Woods

Deep in the Woods

Searching for the High Road - part 8 of an 8 part series

We walked west through the burn area for the agreed upon time, never crossing the swath. Returning to the starting point we headed east and found a logging operation but not the opening we were looking for. Heading downhill for the creek, a group member said, “What if there’s no log spanning the creek to cross over and we’ve bushwhacked ourselves into all kinds of debris or the forest gets denser?”

Yep. The quick way isn’t usually the easy, pain-free route. Don’t let fear stop you. Make sure plan(s) are played out before deciding upon a new one.

Following narrow animal trails, getting poked by branches, we found not one, but three logs spanning the creek. Crossing with care, not a single mushroom was lost or damaged. Dodging obstacles, we began to climb uphill based upon faith rather than sight.

Faith is a key component to success. Religion is important to many people, but I am presenting another kind of faith--in yourself-- to not lose the dedication necessary to attain your goals through the course of time. It’s hard to keep focused when you’re tired and far down the road from launching a plan. Boost your faith by keeping a journal next to your computer to log each wayside marker attained or every positive reaction from the community. When you get weary, reread your notes, gathering the courage to continue.

Have faith in those who work with you. Have clear communication and ask the person to repeat what they’ve heard to make sure you’ve been precise. Have faith that others will be timely but the common sense to get their cell phone numbers. Impress upon those who assist you, that commitment and responsibility are very important. Be a perfect example of these tenants. The rules apply to you more than anyone else.

Have faith that others will do their jobs in a quality manner. We have faith that our food is clean and cooked to temperature guidelines. We have faith that the cook washes his hands after using the restroom. Faith surrounds every aspect of our daily existence.

In ten minutes, I noticed a break in the tree line and burst out laughing. “There’s the road!”

Now, we didn’t know if the car was left or right.

Dawn Peterson

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