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Are you Boofing?

Are you Boofing?

Boofing takes practice, some luck and a metal helmet. In my case, additional protection is mandatory. Picture a cage with built in seat belts.

Here’s my definition for this whitewater skill: One boofs while paddling as if being chased by demons, flying over half submerged boulders covered in white foamy water…on purpose. Alternately, it also means launching a narrow kayak over a precipice and landing level downstream.

The word “Boof” comes from the sound a kayak makes landing correctly, which means on the river in an upright position. Accomplishing this skill in a nano-second while navigating fast water is complex.

  • relax (funny!)
  • line up the kayak straight downstream
  • paddle very fast and reach over the drop
  • keep your body upright as the river shakes you like a rag doll
  • when skimming over a rock or dropping over falls, do not lean back, which submerges the bow. Leaning forward flips the craft
  • lift knees as the boat catches air

Your business is like a kayak navigating rapids. Don’t just hope, hold on tight and scream through rough times.

Imperfect information on products or expansion puts your business in the wrong position on the river, meaning your venture will flip upside down.

Do a risk assessment. Prepare a spreadsheet listing every product or activity, identify threats, determine the percent of failure and the outcome if this business gets caught by a “keeper” (boulder that traps and drowns).

Write down the worst case scenario and how you’re going to survive. Use a stock market trick of knowing the risk/reward ratio that you’re comfortable facing. Put a stop-loss number on the downside to prevent fiscal hemorrhaging and avoid sending a “ghost boat” (empty craft) breaking your dream apart on the rocks downstream.

Dawn Peterson

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