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canadians second home

Canadians' Second Home

Contributed by Carmen Hobson

Driving through the valley at dawn, the sun’s rays peaking over the range; it’s easy to see the beauty that draws in those seeking a slower pace and outdoor lifestyle. The vast Rocky Mountains line the eastern horizon, the valley envelopes the sleepy towns and businesses that thrive on the recreation industry and a multitude of lakes dot the landscape. These are but a few reasons why Eureka and the Flathead Valley are chosen by the Canadians who wish to play in Montana.

History of Tobacco Valley Montana

Tobacco Plains

Why is the valley called the Tobacco Valley? In 1808 the first European to explore the area, David Thompson, began his journey down the Kootenai River. As he descended the river into the northern portion of the Tobacco Plains near Fort Steele he noted “the first ground that I have seen that has sufficient moisture to form a Garden for Herbs.”

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Reception for Alicja Edwards

Alicja Edwards: Artist, Author, Community Asset

Art has been a part of Alicja's life since her childhood days in Poland. Her early carefree days included lessons in ballet, piano as well as French and English. Art lessons, however, were her favorite. Her life suddenly and drastically changed in 1940 when she was sixteen. She and her family were interned in a slave labor camp in the Soviet Union where they suffered atrocities for 3 years. Following her family's liberation they moved to a refugee camp in Persia, now Iran.

montana to morroco

From Morocco to Montana...with love

I (Rita Collins) am a contributor for Visit NW Montana and right now I'm visiting mystical, majestic Morocco! Sandi said the story would need to relate Morocco to Montana and at first I couldn't imagine how this would be possible. It is surely not the architecture nor religions. The culture is quite different. And although I drink coffee each morning whether in Montana or Morocco, the coffee in a Moroccan cafe is so strong that it surprises me daily. But in both places there are good people who will point you in the right direction when you are lost. In both Morocco and Montana there are individuals who are so connected to the place they call home that they can't imagine living elsewhere.

community soup night

5 Tips for Surviving the Season of Giving

Well, you made it through Thanksgiving. How's your stress level? Welcome to that time of year when the stress meter breaks. With all the baking, eating, parties, shopping, spending, wrapping and gift giving, no wonder people can't wait for it all to be over. So much to do with so little time is an understatement for many. And oftentimes, with so much expected, some people just want to check out for a month (ala Skipping Christmas and Christmas with the Kranks).

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Northwestern Montana is a charming area of quaint towns, millions of acres of state and federal land, hiking, camping, waterfalls, rock climbing, fishing and hunting, skiing and snowmobiling. We offer an impressive collection of shops, art galleries, golf courses, bed and breakfasts, spas, and restaurants not to mention annual events such as the Bull Thing, the Ten Lakes Snowmobile Fun Run, and the Eureka Montana Quilt Show. Enjoy the outdoors and the small town spirit that makes you feel right at home. Stay for a short trip, or meet with a realtor to find out about owning your own little piece of Montana real estate.

Where are we and how do you get here? Fly into Glacier National Park Airport (FCA) or Spokane International Airport (GEG). Eureka is 7 miles from the Canadian (Roosville) Border and 67 miles east of Libby or 51 miles north of Whitefish.