All Hallows' Eve Fall Celebrations Abound

A happy noisy room full of kids busy at carving, painting, and decorating pumpkins was the kick-off! It was the annual Free Pumpkin Decorating at the Creative Arts Center. Thanks, to donations from Montana Market, Stein's, and Super 1 Foods 50 normal pumpkins became creations of art on Friday, Oct 24. As one kid was heard to exclaim, “That was great! Can we do it, again next year?” Yes, he can and so can for posters around town and at Creative Arts Center in Eureka.

jon crandell

Remembering Jon Crandell

For far too short a time we were blessed with the photographic talent of Jon Crandell. Sally Utley expressed our sentiments beautifully: "Jon blanketed everyone he met with his love and always tried to help out wherever and whenever he could". The loving comments posted (by people on Sally's Facebook page) commemorate his spirit and share that blanket of love back to him. May he rest in great smiling peace.

Eureka Folk Music Society

The Eureka Folk Music Society started up twenty-three years ago this November. In the early days they met in the basement of the Creative Arts Center (before the renovation) and Ray Jacobs would bring wood to get a fire going in the stove three hours before the other musicians showed up.

Henderson Sisters, "Girl in Montana"

“From the hills of Eureka comes the return of Out of the Studio. Sarah has been an inspiration to many as a friend, musician, teacher, mother and for all the many roles she's filled in people's lives. Happy to finally film this episode, it's been on my wish list since the beginning. Hope you enjoy!" -
Kier Atherton

Missoula Childrens Theatre

Can you imagine walking into a room with eighty children all waiting impatiently? Can you imagine getting this group of young people ages six to eighteen years old organized to audition for a play? Can you even begin to imagine selecting sixty of these children and having them ready in five days to give a full length musical? This is the magic of Missoula Children's Theater. Two actors/directors arrived in Eureka on October 6th, a Monday afternoon, in their red truck to hold auditions and to begin rehearsals. On October 11th, they will give two public performances of "The Wizard of Oz" with their cast of sixty young thespians singing, dancing, and taking us all along the yellow brick road. All of it from the first encouragement to "speak in a loud and clear voice," to costumes, staging, songs and the final applause on Saturday afternoon is a remarkable experience.

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